Aspheric lenses, compression molded on thin HDPE sheets. They are designed to focus thermal infrared radiation on a sensor. Also,t hey can replace expensive germanium lenses in systems requiring moderate imaging quality.


  • Single zone PIR motion detectors
  • Prototyping of fresnel lens arrays
  • Thermal imaging cameras
  • Non-contact thermometers
  • Pyrometers
  • Heat sensing industrial controllers
  • Automotive road temperature sensing
  • Gas analyzers


  • Made from KUBE’s infrared transmissive HDPE plastic
  • Ideal for the 7 to 14 Microns central PIR wavelength band as well as other infrared wavelengths (see graph)
  • Can easily be cut to any size or shape

Product Specifications

Data Sheet KUBE PIR SingleZone Fresnel Lenses

Price list

Price list