The PIR cone optics of KUBE Electronics AG works on the principle of the kaleidoscope (multiple reflection inside a cone). This physical principle is only used in one dimension, which leads to optimal solutions for wall applications.
As with lens solutions, the cone optics are used in conjunction with a standard pyroelectric sensor with two active elements. KUBE Electronics AG offers Konus optics for two different sensor types, which differ in the sensor housings. There is a solution for a TO-5 package and another solution for the flat pack package. The sensor circuit does not differ from that of the lens solution.
The advantage of the cone optics over conventional PIR Fresnel lenses is that it has a very small front opening and is therefore very compact and space-saving. This is achieved by multiple reflection inside the cone. With the KUBE cone optics, a field of view of about 110 ° and a range of over 12 meters can be covered.
The small and flat front opening allows an unobtrusive and vandalism-safe design. Environmental influences such as draft or light are also largely compensated.
By appropriate dimensioning of the cone geometry on 2-dimensional multiple reflections, ceiling applications could also be realized. However, no standard products are available for this.

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